My name is Brian Curragh and I live in Milton Keynes with my wife Caron. We have one son, Tom, who is at Lancaster University studying Psychology. I am originally from Belfast but came over to the mainland for university in 1977 and never went back. I qualified as an accountant when in the Ministry of Defence and since then have worked in the food & residential development sectors.

I have always been interested in many areas of military history, but in the last 15 years I have become obsessed with the Great War. This has taken me in many different directions - multiple trips to the battlefields of France & Flanders; membership of the Western Front Association since 1997; many hours spent with service records and war diaries at Kew; membership of the Great War Forum since 2005; attendance at Battlefield Archaeology conferences and the purchasing of far too many books on the subject.

I have researched several family members who served in many varied units from the Royal Canadian Dragoons, the Royal Field Artillery, the Royal Irish Rifles & the London Regiment.

My interests to date have been localised in nature - the activities of a particular battalion, either through the involvement of a specific individual or a more general interest in the units from my Ulster background or the history of somewhere I have been able to visit.

I have now decided to take this a stage further and have signed on for the University of Birmingham's Centre for First World Wars Studies MA course.

What I want to get from the MA programme is a more formalised understanding of the War, to understand better the structure or timelines into which my "local" studies fit and not least the chance to learn, develop and discuss ideas and interests, which I am passionate about, with the members of the Centre and my fellow students.

I will update this website with progress reports from the course - as well as adding pieces of information that I have found useful personally in my studies or research.